Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back Again

Ahh, the blog is sort of functioning again. I'm sure I'll break it again soon, but for now we can spread the good word of bike polo around to all the biking and computer people out there. Somewhere, someone is probably reading this off their blackberry on their as they veer into traffic causing mayhem and perhaps hitting strollers sending precious children down sewer drains as their parents watch in rapt horror. You, sir, should not play polo, because we prefer you to use a mallet to score your goals.

The polo is going well, we've had some incredible games and some true naturals show up. East Oxford seems to breed them, whatever is in the water at OCW seems to give the staff immediate mutant powers in bike polo skills. The debate has raged recently over which is truer to the spirit and speed of bike polo, asphalt or grass... We play both here, but I prefer tarmac for speed, size and flow of the game.

Check out the Madison Bike Polo website. If we could have made it out to the Mid-West, we would have tried to get in on that. My mom would have made us some chicken too...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Starting Up

Here it is, our blog, which starts today! We had a great game out at South Parks last week. There is a video, and pictures which will be up soon. Also there will be some better pictures up on the website coming up. Lots more to come, stay tuned.